Sailing in Style: Unveiling the Marvels of Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Sailing in Style: Unveiling the Marvels of Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Welcome aboard, fellow travelers! Join me as I share the splendid details of my recent adventure cruising on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady from December 13-17. From the seamless Brightline train journey from Orlando to Miami to the exquisite experiences on board, this voyage was nothing short of extraordinary.

Convenient Travel with Brightline Train:

The journey kicked off with the efficient and cost-effective Brightline train from Orlando to Miami. Despite the option of driving, the convenience and speed of the train left a lasting impression. While the Miami station was only a 7-minute Uber ride from the Virgin Voyages port, the stress-free train ride became a choice I'd gladly make again for its sheer convenience.

The decision to opt for Brightline for my return journey from Miami to Orlando turned out to be a stroke of genius. After an exhilarating cruise experience that left me happily tired, the prospect of a four-hour drive seemed daunting. But with Brightline, the ease and comfort it offered made it the perfect choice.

What made Brightline a game-changer for my post-cruise travel was the opportunity to rest. As fatigue set in from the whirlwind of activities on board, the plush seats and soothing ambiance of the train provided the perfect setting for a rejuvenating nap. The gentle rhythm of the train on the tracks became a lullaby, turning what could have been a tedious drive into a restful journey home.

brightline train from Miami to Orlando.

Unlimited Champagne and Sail Away Party:

A delightful surprise awaited us at the sail away party – unlimited free champagne!! Beyond the bubbly, this event became a vital opportunity to connect with the happenings cast, ensuring an unforgettable cruise experience. Adding a touch of glamour to the party, the resident Diva made a grand entrance, captivating the crowd with her charisma and flair. Her interactions with the guests created an atmosphere of inclusivity, making everyone feel like a star in their own right.  This not only added an extra sparkle to the festivities but also became a catalyst for socializing and forging connections.

Scarlet Lady sail away party
The Scarlet Lady and the Resident Diva during the sail away party
Shawndra with her free champagne at the sail away party
Shawndra with her Free champagne at the sail away party.

Culinary Delights:

Virgin Voyages truly sets the bar high when it comes to culinary experiences. My first foray into Korean BBQ at Gunbae was an absolute delight. Beyond the delectable food, the communal dining experience fostered connections with fellow travelers, creating memorable moments and even a lively game of Gunbae that culminated in shared shots.

Gunbae on Virgin Voyages


The upscale ambiance at The Wake, Virgin Voyages' steakhouse, provided the perfect setting for savoring the best clam chowder and a mouthwatering filet mignon.

As we reveled in the flavors of the delectable menu at The Wake, our attentive waiter must have sensed the special occasion we were celebrating – my daughter's birthday. In a magical twist, as we finished our main course, he appeared with a small, mermaid-inspired birthday cake for my daughter.

A Birthday Beyond Expectations:

The sight of the cake, adorned with whimsical decorations, brought an instant smile to my daughter's face. The gesture went beyond the ordinary, turning a birthday dinner into a cherished memory. The care taken to make the evening extra special showcased the dedication of the Scarlet Lady's crew to creating unforgettable moments for their guests.


Clam Chowder at The Wake on Virgin Voyages
The best Clam Chowder I have ever tasted!
Filet Mignon at The Wake on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady
Filet Mignon, roasted asparagus and Loaded Potatoes
Birthday cake at The Wake on Scarlet Lady.
Birthday cake surprise!

No More Buffets!

The absence of a traditional buffet was seamlessly replaced by The Galley, offering eight diverse food places. The freedom to walk up and order or enjoy waiter service, all included in the cruise package, was a culinary revelation.

Imagine a dining experience on a cruise ship that breaks away from the traditional buffet setup – that's The Galley for you. It's like a sophisticated food hall where you're warmly greeted by servers, making the entire dining process seamless and enjoyable. This unique concept sets Virgin Voyages apart, catering to those who find the standard buffet offerings less appealing.

The Galley boasts eight distinct food stalls, each offering a diverse culinary experience. Let's take a culinary journey through these delightful stalls:

1. The Daily Mix: Imagine a salad bar that goes beyond the ordinary. At The Daily Mix, you can either craft a completely custom salad by waiting in line or order from the menu to have a fresh salad delivered to your table. For breakfast, it's a haven for bagels & lox, along with an array of toppings, cereals, and spreads.

2. Diner & Dash: For those craving the classic diner experience, Diner & Dash is a 24-hour kiosk serving all-day breakfast and diner-inspired dinners. Whether you choose to have your order delivered to your table or sit around the cooking station for that old-school diner feel, this stall ensures a satisfying dining experience.

3. Bento Baby: Bento Baby brings a touch of Japan with its sushi concept, offering a variety of sushi for lunch and dinner. The bento theme extends to breakfast, providing options like fruit and yogurt. While the sushi might not have lived up to expectations due to bulk preparation, the breakfast options prove to be quite clever.

4. Burger Bar: As the name suggests, Burger Bar is your go-to for classic burgers. While the lunch and dinner options might seem a bit limited, the classic and vegetarian burgers made with IMPOSSIBLE meat surprisingly stand out. A broader selection could elevate this stall further.

5. Let's Taco Bout It: This taco haven is a crowd-pleaser, with limited but well-executed taco options. The street taco sizes encourage ordering multiples, making it a hit among fellow cruisers. Breakfast options, including burritos, maintain consistency, even if they lean towards the milder side.

6. Hot Off the Press: Craving sandwiches and paninis? Hot Off the Press has you covered. With a variety of options for both breakfast and lunch, including vegetarian and vegan choices, this stall proves to be a versatile choice for flavorful and satisfying bites.

7. Noodle Around: Open for more limited hours, Noodle Around provides quick-serve noodles during lunch and a short dinner window. While the options are somewhat limited, some dishes unfortunately fall short in terms of temperature. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the future.

8. Bread, Dessert & Pastry – The Sweet Side: Cap off your culinary journey at the walk-up pastry station, offering an array of delectable sweet treats during every meal service. From basic cookies to elaborate fruit tarts and danishes, Virgin Voyages has crafted a sweet experience that goes beyond the ordinary cruise dessert offerings.

In essence, The Galley is a culinary haven that brings variety, innovation, and quality to your cruise dining experience, proving that Virgin Voyages is all about redefining expectations at sea

Ship Show on Virgin Voyages
One act from the Ship Show- A dinner show on Scarlet Lady
The Music dance party thing on Virgin Voyages
"Music dance party thing" on Scarlet Lady even had a stage that moved around the crowd

Entertainment Extravaganza:

The Social Club emerged as a favorite spot, a haven for game enthusiasts like my daughter and me. We spent blissful afternoons with wine and board games, creating lasting memories. Trivia sessions and a snack area offering treats like buffalo wings and popcorn added an extra layer of enjoyment to our time at the Social Club.

Unexpected entertainment options found in the Virgin Voyages app, such as arts and craft hours, made the cruise even more delightful. Crafting Christmas ornaments in the main atrium allowed us to unleash our inner child, creating personalized mementos of the journey.


The Ship Show, a captivating combination of a stellar performance and dinner service, left me spellbound. It's a unique dinner and entertainment experience, showcased a mesmerizing performance featuring a contortionist, magician, and comedy. Though the food options were limited, a quick retreat to The Galley afterward satisfied any lingering cravings. Tthe overall spectacle made it a must-attend event.

Ship show on Virgin Voyages
Amazing talent on Virgin Voyages
Another amazing act and superior talent as part of the Ship Show

The interactive nature of UNTITLED DANCESHOWPARTYTHING is a stroke of genius, transforming what would be a typical show into an immersive experience where every attendee becomes an active participant in the celebration. The joyous fusion of music, dance, and audience engagement ensures that the memories created during this show linger long after the curtains close.

The infectious energy of the performers radiates through the crowd, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a lively music festival. The synergy between the dancers, music, and the moving stage builds a connection that transcends the traditional boundaries of a stage performance. It's not just a show; it's a communal celebration where the distinction between performers and audience blurs.

untitled danceshowpartything on Virgin Voyages

Grog Walk Adventure:

While most offerings were included, the Grog Walk stood out as a delightful paid option. For $50 per person, the adventure took me to four bars, offering unique cocktails and the chance to make new friends through engaging games. Part of the fun is the silly mask the cast gives every attendee of the Grog Walk. Everyone of us wore it and laughed!

I only regret not joining on the first night to have more time with these newfound companions.

I would highly recommend this activity. It sells out fast so if this is something you are interested in doing, be sure to book this in the Virgin Voyages app as soon as you're on the ship and connected to wifi!

Cocktails offered during the Grog Walk on Virgin Voyages
Cocktails at one of the bars "The Sip" during the Grog Walk
Masks for the Grog Walk on Scarlet Lady
Our masks we were given for the Grog Walk


Seaside Bliss on the Sea Terrace Balcony:

Go for the Sea Terrace Cabin, it's worth it!

The pièce de résistance of my cruise was undoubtedly my sea terrace balcony, complete with a hammock. Spending hours swaying with the gentle sea breeze, reading a book, and listening to the ocean was pure bliss.

Embarking on a cruise is all about indulgence, and the ease of ordering room service breakfast on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady adds an extra layer of luxury to the experience. While there's typically a $7 delivery fee, a savvy trick to enjoy this service more affordably is to include any menu item with a charge in your order. In my case, I opted for a delightful $3 latte, effectively waiving the delivery fee. This clever workaround allowed me to relish a sumptuous breakfast featuring the decadent Nutella and banana-stuffed French toast, crispy bacon, and delectable danishes—all enjoyed in the comfort of Sea Terrace balcony, creating a seamless and indulgent start to my day at sea.


Breakfast on our hammock on Scarlet Lady
Having breakfast on our hammock
Room service breakfast on Scarlet Lady
Eating my breakfast on our Sea Terrace
Ocen view from my hammock on my Sea Terrace aboard Virgin Voyages
Just relaxing with some champagne watching the waves in my hammock.
Iconic instagram worthy entrance to the Manor on Scarlet Lady
Our favorite photo spot was the entrance to The Manor.

Endless Photo Delights Aboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Embarking on a Virgin Voyages cruise aboard the Scarlet Lady isn't just a journey; it's a visual delight for photography enthusiasts, offering an abundance of unique and Instagram-worthy photo spots. The whimsical swings scattered around the ship provide a playful and carefree setting, perfect for capturing the essence of a carefree vacation. For those seeking a touch of elegance in their snapshots, the photo spot adorned with disco balls combines fun and sophistication in a single frame, creating memorable visuals that encapsulate the Scarlet Lady's distinctive personality. But the photo opportunities don't stop there – for an iconic moment, ascend to the top deck and pose proudly in front of the ship's Virgin logo, a striking emblem that symbolizes the adventurous spirit of Virgin Voyages. These meticulously curated photo spots not only invite cruisers to document their journey but also serve as a testament to the Scarlet Lady's commitment to providing a vibrant and visually immersive cruising experience. So, don't forget your camera or smartphone, and capture the magic of Scarlet Lady's endless photo spots that promise to make your cruise memories truly unforgettable.

The anchor photo op on Virgin Voyages
A photo op on the swing on scarlet lady
Disco balls photo spot on Scarlet Lady
The Iconic Virgin Logo on the Scarlet Lady Ship

Exclusive Offer for You:

As a token of appreciation for your interest, I'm thrilled to offer an exclusive deal for my clients. Book a sea terrace or higher cabin on your next Virgin Voyages cruise through me, and enjoy up to $700 in onboard credit – an offer designed to enhance your cruising experience.



As we wrap up this virtual journey aboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, I invite you to share in the excitement. Have you experienced the thrill of a Virgin Voyages cruise? If so, I'd love to hear about your favorite moments and cherished memories on board. Whether it's the vibrant photo spots, the unforgettable UNTITLED DANCESHOWPARTYTHING, or the delightful surprises like a mermaid-inspired birthday cake at The Wake, each cruise is a unique adventure. If you're planning to set sail or if you have any questions about the Scarlet Lady experience, feel free to drop your thoughts or queries in the comments below. Let's keep the conversation sailing smoothly, sharing our cruise tales and building a community of fellow enthusiasts. Bon voyage, and I can't wait to hear your Virgin Voyages stories! 🚢✨

In conclusion, Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady has etched itself as my favorite cruise experience to date. From unparalleled culinary adventures to unexpected entertainment surprises, every moment was a celebration of luxury and leisure. I eagerly anticipate my next voyage and can't wait to share this extraordinary experience with fellow travelers. Don't miss out – contact me for the best deals and embark on a journey where every detail is designed for your pleasure. Bon voyage!

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