Transfer Booking

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Earn Extra Cruise Cash

Gain additional Cruise Cash!

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On top of any onboard credit or existing offers from the cruise line, earn up to $200 Onboard Credit (OBC) when you choose Seabreeze Travel.


Manage Your Cruise

Take charge of your adventure! Enjoy the freedom to oversee various aspects of your cruise reservation, all while benefiting from the unparalleled expertise and assistance of our travel agency. Experience a stress-free voyage like never before with effortless management at your fingertips. Find the ideal blend of independence and support for your journey!


Maintain Your Current Rate

Tailor Your Cruise Experience! Retain your existing rate, amenities, and the comfortable cabin you've chosen when transferring your booking. No concessions, just a seamless journey towards your ideal vacation.

No service fees for using Seabreeze Travel Agency

No Additional Fees

Navigate Seamlessly, Free of Charge! Shift your cruise booking without incurring any extra fees, allowing you to allocate more funds for your onboard escapades!

Rest assured, there are no charges for my services, guaranteed!

Seabreeze Travel referral program

Friendship Rewards Program

Spread the Excitement, Accumulate Onboard Credit! Recommend Seabreeze Travel to your friends and receive $25 in onboard credit for each successful referral. The more you share, the greater your earnings!

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